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The Crusade at Ketou, the republic of Benin, was our first international outreach outside Nigeria. Great enthusiasm was displayed during the planning stage, but we still had our doubts about how the ministry will be received outside the shores of Nigeria. About fifty of our team members arrived in Ketou for the Crusade on the 13th of April 2016. We are grateful to God that from the first night all through the end of the crusade, the fire of revival burnt very brightly and a thousand three hundred and seventy five people responded to the altar call. The operation of the Holy Spirit was very evident bringing healing, deliverance and victory into the lives of the people. All hands were on deck as the different department went about their ministry with focused intensity and purpose. Honour must be given to whom it is due. We are fully persuaded that the constant consistent manifest presence of the Holy Spirit in these ministry events is the singular reason for the success of our outreaches. To God be all the glory.


As our custom is, all the ministers in Ketou were gathered for the Ministers Conference during the crusade. The participating ministers at the opening day of our Ministers Conference were about a hundred. Rev. Mrs. Seun Dada, Rev. Tunji Fawale and Pastor Posu Ajose were at hand to share the word and their wealth of experiences with these ministers at the Conference. They responded to the word with zeal and enthusiasm even requesting more periodic ministers conference to be scheduled for Ketou as a tool to keep the revival fire burning. The Ministers Conference concluded with medicals, welfare ministrations and a love feast for the Pastors and their wives. We thank God for His sustaining grace and the success of this aspect of our outreach. When one minister is imparted, the whole congregation is imparted.


Our medical team was made up of experienced Christian Medical personnel. They have a passion to see believers made whole spirit, soul and body and they were willing to help them along their way with their wealth of medical experience. Large crowds turned out at Ketou and our medical team attended to people for hours during the day time. Sometimes they had no time to spare for rest or food before the evening crusade. The unending demand of people in need is a constant reminder that believers should not be self focus but rather be willing to extend the love of Christ in concrete terms to the less privileged. It is very satisfying and a great privilege to be an instrument in the hand of God to reach people in need.


This team is made up of committed and dedicated believers who are willing to extend the hand of love to the suffering and go an extra length for God. The demand on them in many of our past crusades had been very intense. Ketou was not an exception; people lined up for hours to avail themselves of the opportunity to be ministered to on a personal level.  Thankfully, the Holy Spirit our ever present helper was available to provide solutions to difficult questions, dissolve doubt and break every yoke of bondage in the lives of the people. Many of the oppressed went home rejoicing, and for this we give God praise.


Like our other ministry teams, the benevolence team exists to extend the love of Christ to people in material language. They minister clothings, shoes, bags and other material things to those who desire them as proof that God also cares for the material needs of people. The response is better seen than described, it was  overwhelming. We thank God for His children who remember the poor and contribute material items which we in turn transport to these ministry events. Without the comprehensive cooperation of our team members, partners and our ministry friends both far and near this work will not have been possible. The “Go ye” mandate of Jesus to the church cannot be achieved by one person working alone. We encourage everyone reading this piece to join this chariot and partner with us to be a blessing to their generation. We declare that all our partners and intending partners are blessed in Jesus name.