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Large crowds of people turned up for the 3 nights of our Imeko Crusade. People’s expectations were high as the publicity done in days preceeding the Crusade had been carried out thoroughly and effectively. You could see the spiritual hunger on the faces of the people: they were evidently ready for The Word. When eventually  the ministry of the word was delivered, the response was electric. People trooped out in their hundreds to repent of their sins and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.This trend continued for the next 2days, rounding up with a power night. The power night was particularly explosive, the Holy Ghost took control, ministering miracles, healing, deliverance, miralces, signs and wonders to mulititudes of people. No one was left in doubt that this Imeko crusade was a profitable venture for the Kingdom of God. Our God is awesome and to Him be all the Gory!


The story of the man whom Christ clothed after delivering him from demonic possession is a pointer that Christ not only cares for the Spirit and Soul of man but for his Body also. We took a cue from our master and reached out to the residents of Imeko Community with welfare materials raging from shoes, bags, to various other clothing items for both the young and old.  The excitement and look of pure joy on the faces of the beneficiaries as they received these love gifts was a pleasure to behold. We had long lines of men, women, boys and girls queuing up and our team was on hand to bless them with these items.


The Ministers Conference involving over 200 co-operating ministers took off very early in the morning on the second day of the Crusade. The Pastors needed to be energized, equipped and prepared in advance for the influx of souls that would invade their churches from the Crusade. It was necessary to deliver strategies to them on follow-up, maturing new converts  and establishing them in church with solid Biblical foundation. This was done to curtail loss of the saved souls and increase visibly the numbers and quality of new converts that would abide. The atmosphere in the Ministers Conference was that of hope, revival and great expectation. Our team of Pastors from Lagos delivered the word over and over again, encouraging and blessing the hearts of these humble servants of God. They were refired to take on afresh the challenges of ministry. It was indeed a wonderfully  refreshing experience. We concluded the Ministers Conference with a Love feast which was sponsored by our Crusade team from Lagos. Thereafter, welfare packages such as clothing, shoes, medicals were freely given to further encourage these valiant and humble servants of God. They felt greatly loved and spurred on.


The Spirit of God swept through the crusade ground.