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Ilara Crusade by any standard can be described as a huge success. Multitudes turned out in great numbers with the first night kicking off with about four thousand attendees (4,000) and the number peaking to over six thousand (6,000) on the last night of the Crusade. Their “AMEN” to prayers sounded strong, long and unending, like a drawn out affirmation that the blessings of God had visited the ancient cities of Ilara, Konga and Alagbe. The “Oro” festival (which imposes a curfew on the indigenes for the celebration of the local deity) which had been scheduled for the last night of the crusade was eventually cancelled because the attendance at the crusade had peaked to several thousands. By general consensus, it was agreed that a gospel crusade of that scale had never held in the city of Ilara before. Over one thousand one hundred people gave their lives to Christ, several hundreds were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues, and many more were healed and delivered. There was so much joy and dancing that the atmosphere was electric with Gods presence for the three days of the crusade.


The story of the man whom Christ clothed after delivering him from demonic possession is a pointer that Christ not only cares for the Spirit and Soul of man but for his Body also. We took a cue from our master and reached out to the residents of Ilara Community with welfare materials raging from shoes, bags, to various other clothing items for both the young and old.  The excitement and look of pure joy on the faces of the beneficiaries as they received these love gifts was a pleasure to behold. We had long lines of men, women, boys and girls queuing up and our team was on hand to bless them with these items.


Our medical team was on hand to attend to indigenes of the community and offer them free medical check-up, counselling and “Over the Counter” medication. The inadequacy of medical facilities that usually pervades such areas motivates us to provide free medical care wherever we go to preach the gospel. Our desire is that they proper and be in health even as their souls prosper.


The Ministers Conference was strategic and interdenominational in flavor. Partnering in our efforts to bring the word of God to the gathered ministers this time reputable men of God from other ministries. They include; Bishop Kayode Odulaja of the Prevailing Word Bible Church, who taught on “Keys to Sustainable Success in Ministry”. We also had Rev. C. O. Abe, who is the Regional Pastor for Gospel Faith Missions, Western region of Nigeria. He ministered on “Effective Follow-Up of Young Converts”. Bishop Moses also taught on “Keys to Spiritual Growth of God’s Ministries”. Reverend Tunji Fawale of All Believers Congregation expounded the truth of God’s word on the topic “The Prayer Life of a Man of God”. And Rev. (Dr.) Mrs. Seun Dada encouraged God’s Servant on “How not to lose the joy of the Lord while in God’s service and building a solid family life on Biblical Principles”. It was indeed an impactful and fruitful time. On the second day of the crusade many more pastors from the Republic of Benin joined the Conference. The participating Pastors were also blessed with Spiritual resources which were given to them free of charge. As is our tradition, the Conference ended with a buffet, welfare materials and medical care to encourage the hands of these resilient Pastors and let them know that they are loved and appreciated.


Certain problems will never respond to orthodox or traditional medicine because they originate from demonic influence. The validity of this claim is nowhere more evident than in our deliverance team. Cases of scary, mind bogging, demonic afflictions tormenting people of all ages were seen. The truth of Jesus’ word that “The Devil has come but to steal, to kill and to destroy” was indeed evident.

But thanks be unto God for the victory by the shed of the Lamb. The potency and efficacy of the name of Jesus over these problems was quickly evident as deliverance ministration in His name kept resolving case after case. The name that is above any other name, to which every knee bows and submits in heaven, on earth and under the earth, is the name of Jesus. Our testimony is that who the Son of God sets free is free indeed.


The Spirit of God swept through the crusade ground.